Small Business Loan Solutions Backed by the SBA

Vortex Funding, is proud to be a preferred partner in the SBA’s small business loan program. This means that we have demonstrated our excellence in lending to a degree that allows us to facilitate approvals. The result is that our clients gain access to some of the best loan terms available while also enjoying faster approval determinations.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Financing

Qualified applicants looking to purchase facilities for their company can receive up to $12 million, provided that they are occupying at least 51% of the space (61% for new constructions) and other conditions are met. These funds can be used to purchase practically any facility that is used in either manufacturing, service, or retail industries, including:

  • Factories
  • Storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Warehouses

Real estate loans have repayment terms of up to 25 years, with interest rates guaranteed by the SBA to be among the lowest available.

Equipment Financing Solutions

Small business loans designed to help you access the necessary equipment for operating your company are also available to companies whose income and size requirements meet the program’s requirements. Terms of up to 15 years are available, and all loans amortize, so you not only enjoy great rates, you also know there are no balloon payments to contend with. Equipment loans can be used for:

  • Machining equipment
  • Technology and IT infrastructure
  • Vehicles
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Medical equipment

Business Acquisition Loans

Business acquisition loans backed by the SBA may cover up to 90% of the cost of purchasing a company, provided your finances meet the requirements and the company’s finances demonstrate the stability of the investment and its value for cost. That way, you know you have the reach you need to acquire and start operations when you take over the management and ownership of a company.

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