Increase Your Market Share With Purchase Order Financing

If your company has trouble maintaining the cash flow you need to service large or unexpected orders immediately when they come in, purchase order financing represents a low risk way to get your order fulfilled and get paid quickly.

How It Works

Vortex Funding associates review your outstanding purchase orders and note the size and estimated payment date. They use those to determine the size of your advance—usually 70 to 85 percent of the total account. Then as payment comes in, our associates collect, deducting our service fee plus the original advance amount before forwarding the rest to you.

Benefits of Financing Your Purchase Orders

  • Helps to ensure timely deliveries to customers
  • Service large orders faster, increasing your market share
  • Establish stable cash flow through your company
  • Gain payment insurance on your customers
  • Grow without losing equity or increasing bank debt

If you are in an industry where you manufacture or source already-sold merchandise for your customers, purchase order financing represents your lowest-recourse, fastest method of financing to meet the needs of those clients. Companies that regularly use it to stabilize cash flow also find that as their volume of business increases and repayment windows shorten, more is available and service fees lower.

To learn more about how to finance your purchase orders, call today and get in touch with one of our associates. is a direct lender and also has long standing syndication relationships
with banks, hedge funds, life companies, and private investors worldwide.

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