Owner occupied properties frequently get overlooked by commercial real estate investors. Many investors look at commercial properties, and want a “hands off” experience. Motels, apartment complexes, duplexes usually are run by from afar, or by property management companies. However, for those people who are new to commercial real estate, or those who want to oversee operations more closely, owner occupied properties are the way to go.

Keeping An Eye On Your Tenants

Whether it is a storefront with an attached living space, or a multifamily residence, owner occupied properties allow investors to keep a better eye on tenants. This is important, commercial property owners need to ensure common spaces are used properly, and that structures are in working order. Similarly, if a commercial real estate investor wants to put an owner occupied rental up for sale, having a more “hands on” approach can make renovating and staging the home much easier.

Tax Advantages For Owner Occupied Properties

Having an owner occupied property offers tax advantages to commercial real estate investors. On a state and city level, there are tax incentives available for renovating and providing rental properties in a given area. The reasoning behind the incentives is that rental properties for businesses and families bring revenue into a city and, by extension, the respective state. But the tax advantages do not end there. Improvements and repairs made on owners occupied properties are tax deductible. The key is to keep receipts and documentation to declare and itemize the repairs when filing taxes. Even something as small as fixing a lock or replacing a light bulb can result in savings.

Financing Programs

There are a number of commercial real estate financing programs designed specifically for owner occupied properties. From SBA loans to FHA financing, and even mezzanine solutions for larger owner occupied real estate projects, these special programs are designed to help new commercial real estate investors, and those who simply want to keep a closer eye on their investments. Additionally, commercial financing programs can be processed quickly and customized for everything from purchasing, building, renovating, and even refinancing owner occupied real estate.

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