The commercial real estate arena offers two big selling points. First, investment properties can be extremely lucrative. Whether buying and selling, or renting out space, the revenue generated provides a great source of income. Second, the commercial real estate market is accessible to everyone. From big property management and development companies, to people looking to supplement their regular income, investment properties are a sound choice when compared to riskier markets.

Investment Properties For Rent

Purchasing investment properties and turning them into rentals is an excellent way to start off in the commercial real estate market. Even people in their early twenties are purchasing homes, turning them into single and multifamily rentals, and using a portion of the revenue to pay off the financing, while using another portion to purchase more commercial real estate. Additionally, the more units on a property, the more revenue it will generate, while also offering a financial buffer if a tenant moves out. For people who are new to commercial real estate, or those who prefer to take safer path, rental properties are the way to go. Rental properties are not just about residential units. Office space, storefronts, self-storage, and more fall under the heading. As always, rental properties come with the option to sell, so if the right offer comes along, you can flip the rental for a handsome profit.

Buying And Selling Investment Properties

Buying and selling, or flipping, is another option open to new commercial real estate investors. While each investment property is unique, the overall strategy for flipping is fairly universal. Purchase investment properties within your budget. Renovate said properties so they are up to code, contain some modern conveniences, and are staged properly. Then open the house to potential buyers and accept the most profitable offer. With more people looking to purchase houses, the turnaround time is usually pretty fast. Additionally, if investment properties do not sell immediately, they can always be rented, so they are generating revenue until the right buyers come along.

Financing Your Investment Properties

Property acquisition and renovation is not inexpensive, but they payoff surpasses the labor and initial investment.Vortex Funding help people across the country to make a successful venture into the world of commercial real estate. From SBA loans to bridge loans, and even construction, mezzanine, and stated income financing, we help commercial real estate investors make profitable acquisitions to rent and sell. Contact us today to learn more. is a direct lender and also has long standing syndication relationships
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