Annuity and Settlement Financing

At Vortex Funding, our team has the experience and depth of knowledge to provide the funding business owners need across a wide range of industries. Our annuity financing program offers the capital business owners seek without placing debt on the balance sheets. By leveraging your annuity, you can get access to capital for everything from meeting financial obligations, to taking advantage of time-sensitive business opportunities.

Annuity and Settlement Financing From Vortex Funding

Without our annuity and settlement financing program, business owners can choose to leverage all, some, or part of their incoming payments. Our solutions offer flexible funding options, and we will work with you directly to structure financing that is tailored to meet your needs. Our program includes:

  • Leveraging inheritance annuities
  • Lining up assets to be transferred to heirs
  • Structuring financing to help you reach your goals

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Annuity and settlement financing allows people to sidestep prohibitively high surrender fees. To qualify, please submit:

  • The name of the insurance company and the policy number
  • The amount and frequency of each payment
  • Both the first and last guaranteed payment

If you would like to learn more about our annuity and settlement financing program, contact the team at Vortex Funding today. is a direct lender and also has long standing syndication relationships
with banks, hedge funds, life companies, and private investors worldwide.

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