Asset Based Financing

Growing Your Business with Asset Based Lines Of Credit

For most businesses, having access to growth capital is a priority. However, when businesses are experiencing growing pains, it can be a delicate juggling act to grow, without placing a strain on cash flow. Vortex Funding offers asset-based financing to help business owners get access to the revolving lines of credit and growth capital they need.

Our Asset Based Financing Program

Using asset based lines of credit from Vortex Funding provides the flexibility and purchasing power businesses are seeking. Unlike traditional lending and credit providers, we look at all of your assets to give you the advantage you need in today’s competitive marketplace. Our asset based financing is structured around business-owned property, including:

• Inventory
• Machinery and equipment
• Accounts receivable
• Real-Estate

Our team of experts will drill down and evaluate assets which are usually overlooked or ignored by traditional channels, so ensure you get the capital you need.

Fast and Efficient

By applying for asset based financing with Vortex Funding, you will get a fast turnaround time, and quick disbursal of funds. We believe in keeping your business on track, and growth should not be hindered by long processing timetables.

Financing for Businesses of All Sizes

Many new and small business owners are told they are unable to access asset based lines of credit because their assets are limited in size. Vortex Funding provides asset based lines of credit to businesses of all sizes, with the understanding that as businesses thrive and flourish, so should the line of credit.

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If you need access to asset based lines of credit to take your business to the next stage of development, call the team at Vortex Funding today. is a direct lender and also has long standing syndication relationships
with banks, hedge funds, life companies, and private investors worldwide.

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